Costi “el chato”, flamenco dancer born in Barcelona from a gypsy family. He began his studies with classical, Spanish and flamenco dance, training with teachers such as: Rosa “La Tolea”, Antonio Canales, La Tani, Los Farrucos family among others.

At the age of sixteen, she made her debut at the Queen Elisabeth Theatre in London, followed by ¨El Flamenco¨ in Tokyo (Japan).

In 2002 she creates her company “Bajarí Flamenca“. The first production was presented in Thessaloniki Club Milos Babylonia (Greece), Catholic (Italy) and Barcelona (Spain).
It is enriched in the tablaos as: El Cordobés, Los Tarantos (Barcelona), Las Carboneras, Casa Patas, Cardamomo, Corrar de la Moreria (Madrid), El Palacio Andaluz or Los Gallos (Sevilla), Jardines Zoraya, Albaicìn (Granada), among others.

In 2004 he triumphed in the VII Contest of young values of Hospitalet obtaining five prizes among them to the best and complete bailaor , 1º prize Honor to Carmen Amaya.

At the same time he collaborates with Farruquito in shows such as “Entre Amigos”, Farruquito y familia and XLVIII Potaje Gitano de Utrera, where artists such as Alejandro Sanz, Josemi “Ketama” or Diego Amador are mentioned.

The Festival of the Forum of Cultures 2004 closes with its second show “Fiesta Gitana”. He participates as an actor and dancer in the first flamenco musical “Tarantos” with the music of Chicuelo and the special collaboration of Tomatito, choreography of Javier la Torre and the direction of Emilio Hernández dancing in the television program “Crónicas Marcianas: tv5, tv2, tv3.

In 2007 he is invited to New York to collaborate in the “Arte y Fuerza” in Alegrías directed by Jorge Navarro. In May of the following year he toured with his company Bajarí flamenca in Shanghai, Hiju and Showou (China), sponsored by Spain Market Plaza.

In 2009/2010 he travels to South America (Venezuela), as a guest artist in the company of Carol Hernández in “Ángel y Duende”.

Enter the I Festival Carmen Amaya, sharing with: Manuela Carrasco, Tomatito, Remedios Amaya among others; Adding to the Festival “Appia Antica” of scenic arts, with “Tu mirada” directed by Julia Herrera, Italy.
In short, there is a special participation in the television program “La mitad invisible” (The Invisible Half). about the movie “Los Tarantos” tve, also the producer La Cafetera and the singer-songwriter Antonio Barrullo need it in the documentary and CD México Flamenco nominated GRAMY Latino.

In 2011/2012 Under the direction of the former president of the abienal of Seville, José Luis Ortiz, is a member of the show “Ritmos de las olas”, where Farruquito concurs with “Baile Flamenco” within the II Festival Carmen Amaya. Likewise, it is increased in the Festival les 30 Nits de Sabadell, joining Luis “el zambo”. He is the guest of “La cueva de los flamencos” in “Tablao”, Lyon (France). He corroborated on several occasions by the hand of Carmela Otero and the collaboration of Manolo Rodriguez, as a concurrent artist in “Flamenco Vivo” and alternating seminars in the luxurious “Estudios a Tempo”, Puerto Rico (USA).

2013/2014 World premiere of her show “Zambreando” in festivals such as: Flamenco a Nou Barris, Flamenco and Catalanes Festival, The Flamenco Music Hall, Ciclo flamenco al Besós among others. Collaborate in ¨La Capitana¨ Homage Carmen Amaya with: La Chana. Rocío Molina, Maite Martin at the National Theatre of Catalonia. ¨Flamenco Opera¨ directed by Katia Moro at the great LICEU theatre in Barcelona. Then he travels to Russia and joins the Macro Festival Mid Summer Night´s Dream.(Moscow).

2015/2018 Inaugurates Casa Camarón next to Piraña and Farru. Participates in the film by the great dancer ¨La Chana¨ directed by Lucija Stojevic, which premieres at the DOCS Barcelona Festival, which has won more than 9 awards. In addition to the show La Diosa del Compás con: Antonio Canales, Diego Amado and Karime Amaya.

International Flamenco Art Festival of Mont-de-Marsan where artists such as Sara Baras, Marina Heredia or Samuelito are mentioned, where she immerses herself in her show ¨Viajero¨ filming it in Paris or Normandy.

He is guest artist in the show “Inprovisao” by Farruquito and in Festival Flamencos y otras aves de la mano de Duquende. He collaborates in Farruquito’s Flashmob for Seville’s biennial in La Tarde, Aquí y Ahora de Canal Sur presented Juan y Medio and in the I Festival flamenco del Café Berlín ,IX Festival Flamenco Corral de la Moreria sharing with: Belén López, Jesús Carmona, José Repico from the director Blanca del Rey (Madrid). Tía Juana la del Pipa, Diego del Mora or Capullo de Jerez are meeting to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Sala Apolo in Barcelona.

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